Friday, October 29, 2010

Follow Your Dreams

How cliche is the phrase "follow your dreams." its pretty lame but very true. I am going full speed ahead at chasing mine. I dunno what i want to do with my life yet but i want to work with computers. That is what i am going to school for. I feel obligated to make something of myself. Thanks to my parents for giving me this motivation i feel like i can achieve what i want. Even if you dont have parents, like some of my friends, you can still achieve your goals. This is important to me right now. Im just absorbing everything i can from the world and soaking it in. Keep working towards your dreams!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fav Workout Song List!

Favorite workout songs of the week lol

Ipod playlist <3

New Work Out Plan-Kanye!
Took The Night-Chelley
If You Seek Amy-Britney
Pursuit of Happiness-Aoki
The Fame-Lady Gaga
Where is the Love-Black Eyed Peas <3
Kings of Leon-Use Somebody
Electric Feel-MGMT
Je Veux Te Voir-YELLE

Work it!


Got a new macbook pro :) I'm sooo excited! Just looking at it makes me happy. I have so much work ahead of me now getting it up to my standards.

It's so sexy ;)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Poem by me

What i want the most That's something sweet Would be prince charming To sweep me off my feet. We'll share the night Go out to the ball Live in the moment Then love will fall. Well dance in the rain Toss the umbrella Hold me, kiss me Like Cinderella. By: lame old me

What gets me Loose besides the Goose

I have to say i dont drink that much but when i do this is my preferences... Who doesnt love Goose Johnny Walker Crown Patron Smirnoff ice lol Those are my top favs. Yes im of age to drink people lol

We Are The Future

The technology we have is ridiculous. We live in the star trek era. We have computers that can look up anything in the palm of our hands. What can't the iPhone do people. 

It blows my mind how crazy our society has come to with technology and the fact that it is only getting more advanced from here.

lol I realized this playing Gears of War today for 360 today when i noticed im shooting people down on tv with the touch of a button...kicked some ass today btw lol!

My Ideal Date Night

So you read what I look for in a guy...

Where should you take me out is a different story lol...

I love when guys take me out to dinner at nice restaurants. Heres a hint...I love Italian food. Take me to any good Italian restaurant and you won me. I love those little cozy, family owned restaurants. I am all about the atmosphere ;) I also like sushi...its sooo good. Don't take me to a movie on the first date cause i want to get to know you. I love guys that put thought into a cute first date.

How would you handle the first date with me lol?


Monday, October 25, 2010

My Type

a nice guy
an attention giver
great personality
that I can talk to for hours
likes to hold me close
physically im not too picky. Its more to have a good guy there for me ;)
cute is just an added bonus

I don't think im too picky lol

Just played some Madden

So I was at my friends house and just whooped him in Madden. Who says girls can't play video games ill show them up lol. I might have to buy the game just to play people when they come over. I think Super Mario Bros Wii has to be played on world 9 (the secret level) but ugh i have to go back through the game to get the big gold coins i missed how lameeeee.

Much Love <3

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The CLASSIC Debate

Dominos or Pizza Hut? I say dominoes for sure. Theyre new garlic crust is delish. Plus its not as oily. It tastes better even tho the commercials get on my nerves... Enough with the free taste test stalkers already unless they come to my house ;) What do u think?!

I feel like DANCING!

I just want to get up and dance! Woohhoo PARTAAAY! I can hear the music in my ears!

Yea im lame when im in a good mood ;)

Grand Theft Auto Completes Me

So I am playing some old school Grand Theft Auto. They don't make games like this. Runnin around, shootin people, stealin money. I feel like a gangstaaaaa. About to go pop some caps in some asses lol. I think i want to get the new complete edition when it comes out...these games are too much fun!

Sooooo Bored

Being bored isnt the worse thing  ever but sure feels like it. When there is nothing to do, there really is NOTHING to do.  U know when u make ur own i have video games to play, homework to be done, and people to be seen...but i dont want to do anything right now so im making myself bored. Its w.e. i guess ill just sit home and update the world on my least you guys are excited ;)

My all time fav video game right now is super mario bros for classic. It really makes time fly by. I really need to get back to the 360 soon and play some games ive been wanting to. Oh well itll get done.

Back to the halloween issue...i guess im gonna be a slut again lol. It seems like every girl has the same costume only a little different. I have to make mine stand out! So excited i cant wait any longer!

Being bored isnt the end of the world after all i guess. It leads me to good ideas.



I believe that there are aliens out there. The universe is soooo BIG! There has to be other life out there, we cant just be the only ones in the universe. Are we the real aliens inhabiting earth??...who knows but i dont believe that theory fully. I loved astronomy class last semester...i learned the craziest things about space. It kinda blows my mind. One day i will see an alien and let u all know they are real ;)

Soo crazy

Facebook is FADing

Facebook can no longer hold my attention. There are so many status updates that can be possibly submitted in a day. I couldn't live with out it tho to keep in touch with my friends but at the same time theres nothing to do on it. Its a love hate relationship at this point.

The best part of facebook is talking to my bffs <3 Love you

I am the social network ;)

Peace and much love

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Homework on a Saturday Night? Ahhhh

im stuck doing stupid hw on a saturday night. What a life i have i must say. Programming project is almost complete though :) The video game breaks aren't helping the situation but its moving along. When will it all be done and i can have my life back again!!!

I hope i can go out with my besties tonight <3 Love Ya! muah

Haallowwweeeny Time!

It creepin up on me and i still dont have a costume picked out. The snooki costume is soo funny but not for me. Im prob gonna be some type of skank again if i cant think of anything more creative lol.

What should i be this year?!?!?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Programming Class is soooo great ;)

Best part of the morning is programming. Im gonna make it one day i can feel it. Not mention the cute boys in my class that definitely pass the time. Im a sucker for the smart guys i have to say. Too bad i still have to do my project ugh...annoyyying :/

Can't wait to go back to class tho ;)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mac store

I'm thinking about getting a mac book pro instead of the mac book i have. Then i saw the new ipod nano touch and its soooo cute! I think im going to go back tomorrow and getting it. I love the mac store everything is so white...makes me think of changing my own room to that style. It prob wont work out tho cause I have way too much pink stuff :)

Anyone know any good mac stuff to buy?<3

I love My Blog

Finally did it and now im in love. I love my new BLOG! I cant wait to share my life with you.