Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Ideal Date Night

So you read what I look for in a guy...

Where should you take me out is a different story lol...

I love when guys take me out to dinner at nice restaurants. Heres a hint...I love Italian food. Take me to any good Italian restaurant and you won me. I love those little cozy, family owned restaurants. I am all about the atmosphere ;) I also like sushi...its sooo good. Don't take me to a movie on the first date cause i want to get to know you. I love guys that put thought into a cute first date.

How would you handle the first date with me lol?



  1. Japanese steakhouse, they have sushi, great food and atmosphere, hilarious chefs.

  2. OMG u nailed it! I love when they cook in front of you. I can never finish all of the food tho lol. ;)

  3. Hey I love Italian food! Here's a typical date I usually take the girl to: walk on beach with ice cream during the day, then Italian/French dinner, and finish off with a small walk to or around your place. Wanna hang out? ;D

    Haha thanks for the comment/follow on my blog! :)

  4. Yea they do give a lot of food. What date would you let a guy cook for you?