Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sooooo Bored

Being bored isnt the worse thing  ever but sure feels like it. When there is nothing to do, there really is NOTHING to do.  U know when u make ur own i have video games to play, homework to be done, and people to be seen...but i dont want to do anything right now so im making myself bored. Its w.e. i guess ill just sit home and update the world on my least you guys are excited ;)

My all time fav video game right now is super mario bros for classic. It really makes time fly by. I really need to get back to the 360 soon and play some games ive been wanting to. Oh well itll get done.

Back to the halloween issue...i guess im gonna be a slut again lol. It seems like every girl has the same costume only a little different. I have to make mine stand out! So excited i cant wait any longer!

Being bored isnt the end of the world after all i guess. It leads me to good ideas.



  1. yea i don't think any females have a choice when it comes to halloween...slutty ________ is it! lol